Fighting breast cancer since 2012

As part of the campaign, each October we deliver our mushrooms to our partners’ stores in pink packaging, the official colour of breast cancer awareness month.

Part of our sales revenue from these specially packaged products helps to support the fight against breast cancer and the treatment and recovery of breast cancer patients.

Dr. Shiuan Chen, a researcher at the City of Hope national cancer institute in the U.S., was the first to highlight the cancer-fighting properties of mushrooms. Mushrooms contain conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which inhibits production of the enzyme aromatase that occurs naturally in the human body. Inhibiting aromatase activity blocks the production of oestrogen in post-menopausal women, while high levels of oestrogen are directly linked to the development of breast cancer.

Our GoPink campaign won the Hungarian corporate social responsibility award CSR Hungary in 2020 in the Common Causes – Common Responsibilities category, and the Hungarian Marketing Association’s Diamond Award in 2021 in the CSR category.


Part of the 12th GoPink grant was awarded to the Mammography Screening and Diagnostic Specialist Unit of Szent Margit Hospital in Budapest. The grant was used to renovate the waiting room and the changing rooms for patients. New, modern furniture was installed to make the waiting time more “cosy and friendly” for the patients.

gopink 2022 szmk


In 2021, we supported Szent János Hospital and North Buda Unified Hospitals, and we also welcomed Kft. and Auchan Magyarország Kft as new partners. The grants have been used to order a Gamma camera (GAMMA PROBE SYSTEM GMT-100) for the Surgery Department, which allows increased sensitivity and amplification of signs of breast tumours and small lesions, thereby significantly increasing the probability of detection – unlike conventional probes with photodiodes and semiconductors. It provides 99.97% perfect side-shielding for error-free detection of radiation sources, with above-average spatial resolution of prominent lymph nodes.

Szent Janos Korhaz atado 2021


In 2020, the GoPink campaign provided support for the third time to Szent Margit Hospital, which helps to raise awareness among women of the importance of screening. The 2020 campaign raised over HUF 5.5 million, which the Department of Surgery at Szent Margit Hospital used to purchase vital state-of-the-art medical equipment for breast surgery, enhancing the prospects of recovery among breast cancer patients.

gopink atado 2020


In the 2019 campaign, new treatment beds were purchased for the chemotherapy treatment room in the Department of Oncology at Szent Margit Hospital, providing higher-quality accommodation and improved conditions for the approximately 300 patients who are cared for in the department each month. New operating chairs ensure optimal body positioning thanks to their multifunctional adjustment options. State-of-the-art reclining chair beds are also ideal for positioning patients comfortably during chemotherapy without having to move them, and for transporting them immediately in a lying position to the appropriate department for critical care or other interventions.


The 2018 campaign made it possible for Szent Margit Hospital to purchase modern electric treatment chairs worth nearly HUF 5 million, ensuring that patients are as comfortable as possible during their chemotherapy treatment. With the support of the GoPink! campaign and the Szent Margit Hospital Oncology Foundation, eight new electric treatment chairs have improved treatment conditions for cancer patients in the chemotherapy room of the Department of Oncology at Szent Margit Hospital.

Since the campaign was launched in 2012, we have supported the Hungarian League Against Cancer, the Foundation for Oncology Patients in Debrecen, and Szent Margit Hospital and Szent János Hospital in Budapest.