About the campaign

With pink tray mushrooms against breast cancer

tesco gopink biofungi

Health consciousness and the promotion of healthy living are close to our hearts at Bio-Fungi Kft., thus we regard it as extremely important to sponsor campaigns aimed at preventing diseases such as breast cancer.

Worldwide, October is the month of fight against breast cancer, its symbol is the pink ribbon. Joining to this we pack our mushroom products in pint trays in every October since 2012. With the GoPink campaign we would like to highlight the importane of screening since early diagnosis significantly improves the chances of beating the disease.

When combined with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, button mushroom can help to reduce high oestrogen levels, a risk factor that contributes to the emergence of the disease. Button mushroom contains substances that could reduce the activity of the aromatase enzyme which increases oestrogen hormone levels. The over-oestrogen production of the body increases the risk of developing breast cancer. Regular consumption of button mushroom can help to prevent excessive levels of oestrogen levels in the body. This is the ample reason for our company to be involved in the struggle.

Besides that both button and oyster mushrooms are low in calories, basicly they do not contain fat and cholesterol and they are rich in water and fiber content. They are also rich in minerals and vitamins (vitamin D, vitamin B). They are gluten and lactose-free, as well as people with diabetes and on diet can consume them. It is important not to peel because we lose valuable nutrients. Just clean them under running water and rinse thoroughly. As it is grown under modern conditions, its consumption is safe and freshly available every day of the year.

As part of the campaign, in every October we support the struggle against the disease with 5 Forint of every sold tray.

Choose the pink tray mushrooms  in this October and support also the struggle against breast cancer!